The Truth About Freelancing: Risk and Reward 1

Gwenn Seemel: self-portrait

Today a dear friend of mine,  working Portland artist, Gwenn Seemel, posted a video called Security in Freelancing and Gwenn’s points were so beautifully laid out that I wanted to share them with all of you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, an artist, graphic designer, musician or web designer — freelancing is freelancing and in truth you are an entrepreneur. It’s just that the product that you’re selling is your ability to be creative and expressive, your hard won skills and perspective  — to make art.

There are those purists who subscribe to a school of thought that says to truly be an artist, is to be starving or under-appreciated in your time. Gwenn and I have often talked about how people bandy about the words sell-out, when talking about those of us who have found a way to make a living doing what we love most. In truth, only the artist knows what has been bought or sold, won or lost.

To my, and a lot of other entrepreneurial spirits way of thinking, selling out looks a lot like taking on that so-called secure and sure thing of being someone’s employee — while freelancing commercially, just makes sense to us in terms of  freedom and autonomy.

If you’re thinking of freelancing but feeling unsure about risking the security of bonafide employment, I urge you to really listen and think about what Gwenn has to say. And if you haven’t seen Gwenn’s beautiful work or read her very insightful blog (really for more then just art aficionados) you ought to click on over and take a peek — you won’t be sorry.

Security in freelancing from Gwenn Seemel on Vimeo.

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One thought on “The Truth About Freelancing: Risk and Reward

  • Steve Worley

    Well said, Gwenn. It’s definitely a different kind of security, though when you’re just starting out as I am now, it feels awfully insecure. I will persevere with the confidence that things will eventually work out. Thanks for the pep talk, Vanessa !!