Thanksgiving Message: Be Grateful and Enjoy!


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not because of the turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie but because I believe in gratitude. I am a person who, no matter how hard the day before might have been, wakes up each morning with a smile, eager for that fresh new start. The reason — I am grateful.

Grateful for each day to be alive, to be with my family, to have wonderful friends, clients and connections. So, of course, I just wanted to take a moment before we head in to Turkey Day to say THANK YOU!! to all my clients for being so wonderful. You guys making writing for a living more rewarding and fun than it probably should be.

Here’s wishing that you eat too much, laugh too hard, are truly present in each delectable moment and that you give and receive as much love as you can each and every day.

Be grateful and enjoy!


— Vanessa Nix Anthony, The Portland Writer


Each Day I am Grateful

Each day I am grateful
for life and love and creativity
for strength, courage and empathy
no matter what comes my way

Thankful for
the smell of rain
taste of food
warmth of home and hearth

for the touch that soothes my worries
sights and sounds that fill my heart

In gratitude- I’m steeped
for second chances
beautiful surprises
and elegant mistakes

Appreciative in total
of those who’ve come before

for opportunities, support and kindness
from friends and strangers alike
because I get to witness
true humanity and
experience the balm
of knowing moments shared
between the unlikeliest of comrades
in circumstances, sometimes bleak

at the moments
available to me
to care and weep
and lend a hand
when things get a bit too deep

So grateful for emotions
rare, not so rare and in between
for grief and love and humor
intuition and instinct

Indebted to those moments
that test my spirit, heart, resolve

that show me something new of life
or even of myself
and let me grow a better version
out of life’s complexity

But most of all I’m grateful– overwhelmed
content and pleased
to be surrounded by such folks
who have the love of me
to know such generous spirits
all graced
with onion skin and empathy
imbued with unselfconscious charm

A motley crew– to say the least
And all belong to me!?!

You nourish me with such kindness
it’s hard for me to see
but grateful
because you’re home to me

Thanksgiving 2009
Vanessa Nix Anthony

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