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If you’re a small business owner (writers this means you too!) looking to DIY your online marketing solution, the amount of information you’re faced with daily, in terms of marketing and web 3.0 technologies, is overwhelming. It can be difficult for the layman or beginner, to know what information is […]

Best SEO and SMM Advice for Small Businesses — Harvest ...

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Today, I was privy to a debate on the ethics,(or as some assert, the lack thereof) of ghost blogging. The person who prompted the debate, often gives talks on ethics in social media and from a, “the world is strictly black and white,” view, may have a point or two. […]

The Ethics of Writing: Ghost blogging

I received this question from a reader in response to my last blog and thought that there may be a few more of you out there wondering the same thing: “How do you make social media useful for B2B companies? I come across many companies who have created all types […]

How to Make Social Media Useful for B2B companies