“First of all, Vanessa makes me laugh. Great writing and consistent delivery were just the bonuses that have kept me coming back to Vanessa for articles, starting at PDX Magazine, then at, and now at Oregon Bride magazine. She has seemingly limitless ideas, and when she gets the green light, she runs with the assignment, getting the inside scoop and writing with personality that relates to my readers. Love working with her!”

Liz Hummer, Editor-in-Chief, Oregon Bride

Working with Vanessa is a true pleasure! Vanessa possesses a unique blend of creative and analytical skills. I appreciate that she has a thorough understanding of SEO and writes SEO-friendly content. I’ve hired Vanessa for a wide variety of writing projects. If she isn’t an “expert” in the field she researches the topic and quickly learns what she needs to know. I’ve always been pleased with her work. I was little apprehensive working with someone thousands of miles away at first but Vanessa is responsive and clear about her availability. The distance is not a factor at all. She is very personable and a good communicator. I highly recommend her services!

Lisa Hirst Carnes, Co-Founder ArcStone Technologies


“ I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vanessa both as a copywriter and as a social media guru and every experience has been golden. Her approach to her work and clients is fun, professional, and genuine. Vanessa takes the time to really get to know her audience and their needs to help develop the right tone for their message. She’s also developed an amazingly informative process for social media training and implementation. Her hands-on approach was incredibly helpful and thorough. I would highly recommend working her!”

— Krista Kinder, Director of Operations, Hub Collective

“As a freelance writer, Vanessa is a pleasure to work with. She comes up with great ideas, follows directions to the letter (catching the style and tone of our magazine on the first shot!), and delivers a polished piece before deadline. I look forward to working with her for years to come.”

— Angela Mackintosh, Founder/CEO at WOW! Women On Writing

“Vanessa is not only creative and innovative, but a good teacher and her main interest is in giving you the skills to perform the work needed on your own, once it has been set up. She is funny, professional and passionate about her work. She gives us new perspectives but makes sure to listen to our needs. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Esther Bell, Co-Owner, BodyQuirks Massage Therapy Studio


“Vanessa has helped me branch out into the web world! She designed my website, helped develop my branding and wrote the content for my site. She has been an invaluable resource for me. She “gets” me and can write in a style, as I would. She is extremely creative and hard-working! I can’t say enough about her!

Tara Miller, Interior Designer, Tarabell’s Designs


“I have been appreciative of Vanessa’s quick responses and attention to details over the years when I have worked with her on writing projects. She has provided immediate but well thought-out feedback to my ideas. The writing and reviews she has done have been very well conceived and written, as well as thorough.”

Sally Murdoch King, Principal, Sally Murdoch Media Relations


“I hired Vanessa to help me become a better blogger to promote my business. I was very glad I hired her! Vanessa is clear and concise in her writing and her teaching, taking complex topics and clearly communicating strategies to handle. She has an astute ability to zoom in on details and bring clarity as well as zooming out to clarify the larger picture and goals. Thanks V!”

–Cassandra Mick, Nutrition Counselor,


“Vanessa is dedicated to providing her clients with excellent services and copy. She is very easy to work with, prompt to respond to communications, and meets requested deadlines. I would highly recommend Vanessa as your service provider.”

Tina Matsunaga, Comm. Coordinator, The Confident Copywriter


“As an Internet marketer who often outsources, (and not always successfully) I could not be more pleased with Vanessa’s work. She is intelligent, disciplined, and produces on time and to spec. What more could someone ask for? Whenever a business owners decides to hire a writer, it’s always a leap of faith.

How wonderful when it works out so well! I’m actually afraid to brag about Vanessa’s great personality and excellent work, for fear others will snap her up and she won’t have time to work for me.:) If you’re thinking about hiring a writer to help you empty your full plate, or to create words that really sell, you can’t go wrong hiring Vanessa. In a sea of wannabe writers, Vanessa is a true and talented professional.”

Victoria Ipri, CEO, IPRI Philedelphia (formerly of Otogeny, Inc. and Modello Media)


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vanessa and recommend her services without reservation. She’s remarkably creative, hits deadlines writes spot on copy and has a great sense of humor. I will continue to use her services in the future because she’s an engaged partner in my projects, providing real value. Just hire her.

Paul Lalley, Owner, Words, Inc.


“With Vanessa, we could always count on quick, lively and authoritative coverage of the regional arts and culture scene. She has a gift for finding up-and-coming artists and off-the-beaten-trail places before anyone else — as well as the story-telling chops to vividly convey what works and what doesn’t.”

Roger Anthony, Writer/Editor, Portland Sentinel

Vanessa’s experience with branding and social media is both vast and deep. She is an excellent and knowledgeable speaker. Her style is very engaging and easy to relate to on many levels.

Erica Bader, Owner, Erica Ann Photography


“Vanessa has a very special knack for taking a mundane topic and turning it into something not only exceptionally readable but also entertaining and memorable. Her unique and exuberant sense of humor reveals itself in writing that presents a punch exactly when and where it’s needed to keep readers engaged. Vanessa will always be a great hire!”

Michele Elder, Freelance Copyeditor

“I’ve worked with Vanessa in a variety of capacities. We first met when she interviewed me for a piece on my documentary film (Freedom State- 2006).  Since then, I have had the pleasure of watching Vanessa’s work  during her years writing for one of Portland’s long-time newspapers. When I was Chair of Oscar Night America at Portland’s historic Hollywood Theatre (2008), Vanessa provided live event reporting via video and the media outlet’s blog about this charitable event.

I’ve repeatedly hired Vanessa.  She is always thorough, honest, and creative. I have continually recommended her for freelance copywriting and PR work with law firms, creatives and other professional businesses because of her great attitude and her interpersonal communication skills. You always know the status of a project with Vanessa, and to top it all off — she has a great attitude about life.

I contacted two people for SEO for our corporate website. One was an individual recommended to me who has done SEO for large public and private corporations, and the other was Vanessa Anthony. I have worked with Vanessa for years on a variety of projects. Vanessa provided the exact same menu of services in a timely and professional way at half the price! Of course price isn’t everything but I know that Vanessa’s work has provided us with significant results. Results at half the price of some competitors – now that’s ROI!

Aaron Kirk Douglas,

Filmmaker | Playwright | Marketing | Owner, Aaron Kirk Douglas Enterprises, LLC

“During the revitalization of The 2009 Portland Creative Conference, the board members were in need of a ‘spot-on’ Public Relations person to help bring awareness to the event. With time running out, I was referred to Vanessa. Hiring Vanessa was the best decision the board members made. Her attention to detail and follow through was dead-on. She not only helped in bringing attention to the one-day event via many media outlets, but I know for a fact that she helped with increasing attendance. I highly recommend hiring Vanessa for any and all projects that need the special someone – with an eye for detail.”

Tim Oakley, Owner/Creative Director, Oakley Design Studios


This is great blog, Vanessa, thank you!

Diana Abu Jaber,

Best Selling Author, Teacher and Foodie (on after reading my post- Diary of a Foodie.)


“Working with Vanessa on the 2009 Portland Creative Conference was a fantastic experience. Extremely professional, talented, dynamic and a problem solver all around. What a PR asset in contribution to a very successful Conference this year!

Tad Lukasik, Co-Founder, Oregon Creative Industries, Executive Producer Cre8con 09

I have learned so much working with Vanessa. She’s an incredible teacher. Patient, intelligent, insightful. And she makes me laugh. I highly recommend working with her!

Lisa Moose, CEO Lisa Moose Creative, coaching client


“Our Marketing Dept. hired Vanessa to assist in marketing and copywriting duties. Vanessa was always highly organized, clarified instructions when needed, and supported our department in a timely manner, especially when we had tight deadlines. She was always friendly and used humor to help alleviate stress and tension. Most of our communication was through email and she always responded quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and I’m sure I will again in the future!”

Ashleigh Tripp, Marketing, Bullivant, Houser & Bailey


“Vanessa demonstrated an ability to quickly learn and apply SEM strategies & tactics. Her interest and passion makes her a solid candidate for any position involving Internet marketing.”

Kent Lewis, Adjunct Professor, Portland State University/President & Founder, Anvil & Formic Media