Hot Trends in Kitchen Design

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so if you’re looking at remodeling yours, it’s a good idea to keep function as well as aesthetics in mind. Some of the biggest kitchen trends marry both with today’s hottest color — Green.

Going Green

Nowadays, green is being used in just about everything, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Not just because of the smart way it preserves resources but because it saves on the green in your wallet too.  From reclaimed wood and sustainable bamboo to concrete counters and recycled glass and tile. These materials are being used in everything from floors to countertops, back splashes and cupboards. Add to that, a host of energy-efficient appliances and lighting, and you’ll find your kitchen is not only beautiful, but that eco-friendly is the way to go for your bottom line too.

Natural Lines

Organic shapes are in; right angles are out. The aesthetics of rounded shapes is reaching a new height in popularity, not just because it makes the occasional run-in with the counter a lot less unpleasant but because it encourages a more circular, natural flow.

Free Standing Fun

The fitted look of continuous counters and banks of cabinetry is becoming passé. Due to the popularity of the kitchen as a true living space (it’s not just for cooking anymore) this trend moves towards making the kitchen a bit more inviting, instead of just functional. Think free-standing furniture. Whether its adding a marble top island, book shelves for cookbooks, free standing pantries and bars or curios filled with spices, you can design your entire kitchen this way or simply pepper the room with these elements for an extra homey feel that spells cozy as well as utilitarian.

Let your Personality Shine Through

Total kitchen customization is at your fingertips, in everything from decorative range hoods, indoor built-in grills and griddles, even Teppenyaki grill countertops, to hand carved custom accent doors and pulls as well as custom tile art, glass mosaic tiles and light fixtures made of Venetian glass. You can also cut clutter and streamline design with drawers. In addition to refrigerator, compactor and dishwasher drawers, you can put the eyesore of the microwave in a more discreet drawer. Which means the look of your kitchen can be less about appliances and more about the feel of your home.

007′s Kitchen: Must-Have Gadgets

The technology of the future is here. If James Bond and Gordon Ramsay teamed up to design your new kitchen, these items would be on their must-have list. How about remotely programmable ovens that can keep your food cold until cooking time? A transformable fridge that lets you turn into a freezer when you need it? What about refrigerators resplendent with glowing television screens on their doors? Or built-in rotisseries and wood-burning brick ovens? All this, as well as stealthy sounding appliances and designer colors help to make your kitchen the stuff of which dreams are made.

No matter what the trend or the latest gadgets available, first and foremost – make sure your kitchen is comfortable and functional for you and your family. It will after all, serve to set the beat of your home for many years to come.