Why Do I Write About Art?

My love of art started in childhood, as the child of an artist. My mother was multi-disciplined, both musician (guitar and vocals) and visual arts. Though she never pursued her art commercially, she continued to create in one form or another until her stroke in 1994. Whether it was pencil sketches or paintings, hand-painted eggs, or collaged murals for nearly every holiday, or even work commissioned by the schools, my mother’s creativity seemed boundless. She sewed, played guitar, sang, recovered furniture, and made home decorator items such as seashell embossed mirrors, seat covers, or window treatments. She was DIY before that term was coined and she spent a great deal of time passing down her love of both arts and crafts to me.

Toying With Art: How the arts an urban culture are changing toys

Walk into stores like Hello Portland and Missing Link and you’ll be surrounded by the hottest toy and collectible trend around—designer toys. It started nearly a decade ago in Hong Kong with folks like Michael Lau and has since hopped the pond to the US, invading cities like New York, LA, San Francisco and now Portland. . . read more.

DIY PDX: Portland Open Studios

Want to be an artist or just look at one? Nobody does it better than Portland Open Studios. If you love art and have always wondered how these creative types work their magic then there’s no better way to satiate your curiosity than to see them at work in their own studios. . .Read more.

Designs Collide: Art Shows at Portland Boutiques

Portland is a city known for both its vibrant arts community and its blossoming fashion scene. With such a profusion of art schools and design talent, the two were bound to intersect – and they have been in some of the hottest boutiques all over town. Transformed from simple, stylish storefronts to combination chi-chi gallery space and design-forward shops, these new hybrids are a slam dunk two-fer for those in the know. . .More.

An Arts Beacon: IFCC’s 25th Annversary

Adrienne Flagg had no idea when she stepped through the doors of North Portland’s Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (IFCC) at the age of 14 that it would be here that she’d find her life’s calling. . .read more.