I’ve been writing poetry for nearly as long as I can remember. It is the one constant in my regular writing practice, as I sift through the many options of written expression, trying my hand at everything from freelance journalism, to copywriting, ghostwriting, short stories, children’s books, and novels with varying degrees of success and accomplishment — poetry is always there.

I think I’m one of few writers to eschew journaling as a daily practice (I don’t even blog regularly here, though I often advise clients to do so to increase their search rankings). Poetry takes the place of daily journaling for me, a place where instead of putting down every thought that jumps into my head the moment they happen, I instead let them marinate, until the heavy things I’ve really been grappling with are soaked soft on their edges and made to settle in between the inky or pixellated lines on the page or screen.

I published a collection of poetry (available for purchase on Amazon.com and reviewed favorably on GoodReads) called In Less than a Year and for the last five years or so have kept a separate poetry site, called Infinite Monkey Theorem: Write to Know.

For now, I’ve decided to shut that site down and move my poetry here to let all of my writing live under one roof (well, except for the food blog, which is still living over at The Groovy Foody). I’ve imported all the past published posts and will post new ones to the blog, here at The Portland Writer, as I write them, linking them back under this heading as well.

I hope you enjoy them.