How to Stay Sane When the World’s a Mess 2

Be loveLots of tough stuff has been happening in our world lately, from the tragic nightclub shooting in Orlando, and the graphic, heartbreaking videos of the shootings of two black men by police within 48 hours of each other, to a dozen police officers being ruthlessly gunned down in Dallas, and 84 people in France being run down on Bastille Day, and the current uproar happening in Turkey — and all of it playing out during what is turning out to be one of the most divisive and hate-filled American election cycles in recent history. It’s no wonder many of us are finding it hard to feel sane, hopeful, or positive.

Take a break when the dark piles up

When dark, negative news like this all piles up like this it’s easy (if we focus on the pain, suffering, and uncertainty) to lose hope or feel crushed by the weight of it all or to think that the world has gotten worse. When I feel that way, I know it’s time to take a news break and get off social media for a bit. Time to get out into the real world and to see the world closer up, in small, 1-to-1 interactions with strangers.

Little things can reset perspective

It’s in those tiny moments, that we find the truth — that most of us are loving beings, who just want our loved ones safe and healthy and to find our own little piece of happiness in this world. It’s in these, 1-to-1 interactions that we can find our tolerance and hope again.

So, if you find yourself downhearted, fearful, or angry about the state of our world — take a break. Spend time with your friends and family — NOT talking about the news. Take a walk in nature, play with a child, or a pet. But most of all, expand your world and your understanding by chatting with someone you don’t know, in the REAL world.

Be the change

Spread love however you can, as far and as wide as you can.  And remember, what you’re seeing is not the destruction of our world but rather the creation of a better one on the horizon. As someone once said (no, it wasn’t Buddha), “Change is never painful, only the resistance to change is painful.”

What you’re seeing is the inevitable resistance of a shifting model, by those dinosaurs trying desperately to hang on as they realize that their way of thinking, believing, and being is coming to an end.You are witnessing growing pains and the pain caused by those who choose to resist that change.

Stay hopeful, stay loving and do everything in your power to spread that love, to help someone else out with a smile, a word of understanding, a donation, your time, a hug, your truth, some inspiration — but most of all with your kindness.

Be a helper. Be hopeful. Don’t let the dark extinguish your light.


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