Finding Portland, Again

As a writer, a lot of what I bring is shaped by all I do and see and experience. That’s one of the reasons this site is called The Portland Writer — because no matter who I write for or where in the world they are located, they’re getting the benefit of working with a writer who lives in Portland.

Writing in Portland

The city I live in is a beautiful tapestry of quirky, eco-friendly, open-minded, laid back, conscientious, whole slow food lovin’, tattoo bearing, beard flaunting, beer drinking, bicycling, full-on personality, that it is simply an inescapable part of every single one of us that make our home here.

But like any long-term relationship, we sometimes grows weary of what we have and we daydream about what else might be out there for us. (France? whatcha doin’ over there?)

In the end though, when it’s real love, it takes very little to rekindle that spark.

Finding Portland

And though, this video, from Uncage the Soul Video Production, is the result of 51 days of work and 300,000+ still photographs, in which it took an average of 3.8 hours to make each second of film — it takes less than 4 minutes of your time to watch and enjoy all that effort.

Four minutes in which, if you live here, to fall right back into “madly in love” with Portland. It’s also four minutes in which, if you don’t live here, you’ll find yourself wondering why that is.

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