Combating Writer’s Block: A New World of Writing? Plinky Prompts

As writers, we’re always looking for new ways to banish the block. Every book on writing has a chapter on reviving the muse or at least keeping blocks at bay. For those of us that have chosen the unsure world of writing as our home, the blank page is the nemesis we fear most. Being strongly opinionated (in my opinion) helps. 😉 You can’t be blocked if you’re fired up, so set that paper (or screen as the case may be) ablaze with your sassy thoughts.

But what if you’re just not feeling so passionate that day? What if you’ve spent the last week (like I many times do) writing for clients? What if after 5 posts on online dating, 6 on social media and 3 on bodywork, plus researching, interviewing and writing an article on the virtues of vintage beer and a food review on your favorite Portland cheap eats breakfast spot, you come up with two top notch ideas for your own blogs but are then left with the feeling that your creative tank is a little empty. Especially, when it comes to more artistically, creative writing pursuits? Where would you turn?

Some would say a writing class or group, someplace where you can get your juices flowing again, with a writing prompt. But with all that you have going on in your life (a family, juggling a freelance career, SEM/SMM, networking locally and a reality-based social life as well) who has the time? Enter Plinky.

Bloggers and Micro-bloggers have been touting the joys of for awhile now, but what about “writer writers,” is there anything worth mining there for us? Sure there is!

With daily quick prompts from the banal like, “Describe your dream vacation,” to a little more profound, “What part of life confuses you the most,” Plinky makes you thinky. But the best news of all is that Plinky has now added Weekend Writing Challenges to their mix, these third person prompts give you the push you need to dip your toe into the world of fiction or narrative non-fiction. The prompt this weekend was, “Describe the scariest moment in your life — from a third-person perspective,” and some of the resulting pieces were really interesting.

Plinky also lets you linky (corny, I know, but I CANNOT help myself!) to your blog, Facebook or Twitter and get real-time feedback from your peeps. Something every writer needs and if your writer friends are playing with Plinky, then quick, constructive and critical discourse can also take place without the formal “writer’s group,” arrangements to meet. Imagine the potential creative output this little prompter can give you.

If you have a some time and you’re facing the blank page, give Plinky a try. You never know when a prompt may hit your muse’s tastebuds just right and end up plunking into a short story or a novel. You’ve got nothing to lose except a blank page.

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