Marketing Your Small Business

Recently, in the Social Media Today group on LinkedIn (LI), someone asked this question: “One of my contacts just said they’d be canceling their LinkedIn account, feeling it’s utterly worthless…any feedback out there?” Working as a freelance writer (in both journalism and copywriting), I use social networking daily, both as […]

When Social Media Fails: Why LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are ...

It took the medium of television 13 years to gain 50 million viewers, in half that time Facebook gained over 400 million users. The phenomenon that is Facebook (and social media for that matter) cannot be denied. It is people power at its most and least effective. A tool used […]

Social Media: Why and how your business should be in ...

“Ping-in’ it, Sing-in’ it, all while I’m Swing-in’ it. 😉 Do you Ping? Make your life easier — do it.” This was a recent status update posted on this blog and on my Facebook (profile & business page), Twitter and LinkedIn. It could also have been on any other Web […]

Do you Ping? Make your life easier — do it.