Making a Living as a Writer

The other day I made a new connection on LinkedIn. He is a young man, working in an adjunct industry to mine, interested in moving into the world of copywriting. After a bit of chatter back and forth he asked me for advice on how to learn all he would […]

5 Tips: Best Advice for New Freelance Writers and Copywriters

The other day someone in my Organic & Authentic Business Strategies Group asked this question, “What do you tell your clients when they claim to have writers block?” Besides writing commercially (copywriting and journalism) I write fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, poetry and I blog. Except for in the movies and for […]

Why There’s No Such Thing as Writer’s Block

Weathering tough economic times is hard for everyone these days but especially hard on freelancers and those folks that consider themselves artists (whatever the genre.) As our steady markets have dwindled (closing up shop or cutting down on freelancers) the Portland market has also become flooded with a bevy of […]

New Roads to Revenue for Writers