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Portland Writers Portland CopywritersLet us tell your story.

We wear a lot of hats around here when it comes to writing — but first and foremost, we’re storytellers.

That’s because behind every overnight success, every epic failure, every fresh young business and every brave new idea, you’ll find a compelling story waiting to be told.

We spend our lives telling these stories — it’s our passion.

Whether we’re penning a lifestyle piece on “The 7 Ways Technology is Changing Mortgage Approval,” churning out a script for a 30-second spot, ghosting a “How to” manual, or creating winning copy for the birth of a brand — we’re immersed in the experience.

The Approach

We approach your project with the same curiosity and enthusiasm we use to track down a story. Using expert research, a focused strategy and clear, cohesive messaging to captivate your ideal audience.

All fueled by YOU.

Marketing your brand today is more about authenticity than slick sales tactics. People want to do business with those they trust. That’s why, if you truly want to “get it write” with your marketing, you’re going to need to get real.

Storytelling is the key, allowing you to achieve a greater presence and platform for your message, by engaging those who are clamoring for what you have to offer, instead of pitching endlessly to the disinterested masses.

Want to “Get it Write” with your marketing? Then you’re going to need to get real first.

As former journalists-turned-copywriters, we’re well-versed in branding, SEO, social media and PR/marketing solutions and uniquely positioned to help you share your story.

Our clients tell us they enjoy our ability to reveal their core passions to them — and their audience. (Well, that and we make them laugh.)

Best of all, because it’s honest, branded storytelling helps you build trust with potential clients in a very short time. If you’re looking to do more than just drive traffic to your site, if you want build loyal relationships with your clients — it all starts with a story.

Take a look around, nose through our clips, read what our clients’ have to say. Google, if you like. Then shoot us an email, telling us how we can work together to let the real you shine through.

The Portland Writers offer a variety of writing solutions for your new media needs, using branded storytelling and targeted strategies.

Specialties Include:

•Lifestyle Articles
•Copywriting Services
•Video/Commercial Scripts
•Developmental Editing
•SMO Strategies
•PR | Marketing Copy
•SMM | SEO Solutions
•White Papers
•Site Content
•Web Consulting
•Proofreading and Revision
•Speaking and Coaching

Have a story to tell, a product to sell, or a message to get out?

Contact us directly at: nessnix@theportlandwriter.com.