Speaking and Coaching


To me, reading and writing are like bread and wine are to the French — they are the foundation, the very sustenance of life. Without these two companions, I would be lost. Reading and writing allow me to explore, learn, and evolve on the regular. They are free, democratic and public, yet they hold and touch the spaces most personal and private within us.

I’ve always been eager to share what I know.  I think sharing, paired with curiosity, form the cornerstone traits of a good writer. It’s also what makes for a good teacher.

A well-worded sentence can change the world. There is, indeed, power in words.

Powerful storytelling is what I offer my clients, in both business and in media. As a speaker and a coach, it is also what I offer to you . Whether we’re talking about branding your business, search engine marketing, social media strategy or integrated marketing solutions — what I bring is my ability to engage an audience through compelling storytelling.

If you’re a freelancer looking to find your way in the era of new media, I’m here for you. I know first-hand how dramatically our industry has changed in a relatively short amount of time. I struggled to stay afloat and find my spot as a full-time freelance writer and a new mom, in a quickly shifting  marketplace. That is, until I found new avenues and outlets clamoring for well-written content. I want to share my hard won insights with you. I’m here to help you begin your journey or stay on the path of a successful, self-sustaining, freelance writer.


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