Engraved D.C. building first amendment
Meryl Streep put out a call during her recent Golden Globes speech to the American people to help protect “principled journalists.” This has been widely met with the cheers on one side and jeers on the other that we’ve all come to expect of anything in this dysfunctionally entrenched two-party […]

Meryl Streep Says Support Journalists – But Which Ones?

Donald Trump is our new President-elect. For about half of you there is validation — for the other half, there has been shock, disillusionment, anger, and most of all fear. Democrat without a home As a lifelong Democrat and liberal but one that felt discarded by my own party (I […]

Election 2016: Trump Wins –The Aftermath

I have been involved in politics since junior high school, when I made my own campaign posters for the Democrats inspired by the fact that a woman, Geraldine Ferraro, was on the democratic ticket as the nominee for VP. My parents, former hippies, were about to do the unthinkable and […]

Election 2016 Results: Yes, I Voted